About Las Campanas Compadres

Las Campanas Compadres, Inc. (LCC) was founded by Lawrence and Suzanna Becerra in May, 2007. The original idea was to start a program devoted to people with special needs and to elicit the co-operation of Las Campanas in utilizing the club’s world class facilities. The program is made possible through Las Campanas’ generous offer of the use of their beautiful equestrian and swimming facilities, and the enthusiastic response from the Las Campanas community to support the program through the donation of valuable volunteer time.

We initiated our activities with a riding program. We hired a NAHRA (North American Handicap Riders Association) rated instructor, organized a pool of volunteers, and developed a therapeutic program. We then started a therapeutic swimming program run by Dave Caldwell. The program has over 100 registered students and underwrites approximately 1,500 lessons per year. To date we have underwritten over 10,000+ free riding and swimming lessons.

Our Team

Two people swimming

LCC has a dedicated team of people who help others to reach new heights.

Riding: We have an accredited Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH)instructor, Karen Evans. NARHA promotes equine facilitated therapy and activity programs in the United States and Canada.

Swimming: David Caldwell runs our swimming program. David is an accredited swimming instructor who has had a successful career as a swimming coach for major university swimming programs. Currently, Dave works at Santa Fe Prep School where he works in the Athletic department coaching Cross Country and Swimming along with teaching Middle School PE.

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LCC Board of Directors

Suzanna & Lawrence Becerra, Founders

David Caldwell

Karen Evans

Bob Lehrer, CFO

Susan Sumner

Jane Gregoritch

Susie Fisher, Secretary

John Romero, Director Emeritus

Darlene Romero, Director Emeritus

Ron Walters Award

Ron Walters award

Ron Walters Award

The Ron Walters award is presented each year to the Las Campanas Compadres volunteer who in the opinion of the founders, Lawrence and Suzanna Becerra, has demonstrated outstanding enthusiasm for the program. The recipient will have an unparalleled sense of ardor, determination, and compassion, character traits that Ron Walters lived by.

Recipients of the Ron Walters Award

  • Susan Sumner, 2008
  • Norman Becht, 2009
  • Marty Herrera, 2009
  • Bob Lehrer, 2010
  • Jack & Carol Berger, 2011
  • Cathy Butler, 2011
  • Doug Tewes & Shilo, 2011
  • Ken Brown, 2012
  • Darlene Romero, 2012
  • Linda Factor, 2013
  • Doug Tewes, 2013
  • Mimi Kingsbury, 2013, 2014
  • Juliana Walsh, 2014
  • Kate Schiliro, 2015
  • Jane Baxter, 2015
  • Rhea Baxter, 2015

Mimi Kingsbury Award

The Mimi Kingsbury Award is presented each year to the Las Campanas Compadres Swimming program volunteer who in the opinion of Lawrence and Suzanna Becerra has demonstrated outstanding enthusiasm for the program. The recipient will have exhibited great compassion, respect, and teamwork; all character traits that Mimi Kingsbury lives by.

Recipients of the Mimi Kingsbury Award

  • Arielle Nathan, 2016